A well rounded wine cellar – The niche is in the details

Published by Mc Lellan Architects | March 30, 2017 10:40 pm

The story of a Well rounded wine cellar:

This house design in Clearwater Estate (by Mc Lellan Architects) provided a last minute opportunity to also install a new wine cellar. (The client was keen to utilize a rectangular volume between the ground beams of the patio foundations.)

After much debate, a steel spiral stair was was the only viable option to access the space without loss of too much usable area in the patio space above. Having a steep incline this stair turns about 270 degrees to achieve the entire rise in a space of about 2.0m².  But so, being such a specialist installtion and unique item in the home’s design, we just couldn’t pass the opportunity by to really celebrate this cellar volume.

wine cellar design

wine cellar look and feel concept – spiral staircase & barrel theme

A subtle curve to the timber ceiling introduced the ‘barrel’ concept. Dark solid timber accents & wine racks provides the space with and ‘old dusty’ material tone. Cement washed red brick completes this theme.  But the look wasn’t quite there yet…

The roundness of the  270 degree stair needed some reinforcing…  so note now, how that the ceiling opening is manipulated to come full circle; apart from the functional rectangular shape in the overhead concrete. Then very subtly the the same circle is repeated in the floor finish with a suggestive “turning circle” nuance. The use of brass strips in the floor finishes the material palette off nicely.
Great design really is in the details.


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