Pure form – Sometimes nothing makes it cool

Published by Mc Lellan Architects | March 30, 2017 9:17 pm

This is a cool looking house, right?…But why?

This house, being a pure form and having bold geometry, demonstrates how “absence“ can compliment a building design and strengthen a visual theme. This residence is a strong pure form in the landscape; the bold shape is complimented by the absence of both transitional landscaping and auxiliary building elements. It’s not there…

The buildings sits brutally bare in a natural landscape; celebrating both the house as a man-made form, and also, by contrast, accentuating it’s natural surroundings… a win win in the world of  contextual architectural design.

P.S: Just note how the the punch-hole windows subtly responds the natural ground line – masterful!

this is Clinton’s thoughts…

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